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Hi, I am Shallon.

I really love the energy and excitement that I find around food; the details and time that go into creating a new recipe, or the skill of creating the same familiar recipe repeatedly.  Always with the hope that it will be appreciated and enjoyed, by a guest, client or a friend.   Whether it be the pride of presentation, the comfort of familiar tastes, or the introduction to new flavours.  The desire for others to love your dish as much as you, and watching that expression of anticipation when food first arrives to the table, the first bite, and to watch the satisfaction cross their face, knowing you have succeeded-it is a wonderful moment to share in.

Photographing food feels similar, to me. I want my clients to see their food through the camera lens the same way they view it, whether at the restaurant, in the field, or their test kitchens.  I want them to feel the excitement, and the magic, in creating a picture. 

 I have been a food-focused photographer for over 10 years.  I love it. It is always changing and challenging.  The people I get to meet and work with are always interesting and passionate.


I believe in giving back, and 10% from every project, is donated to a local charity.  I really love spending time with seniors (see for more info), and giving back to organizations that support our seniors, makes me happy,

and I feel is important. 


Questions I am often asked...


Do you get to eat all the food you photograph?

After a photoshoot, and being present on set, and seeing how often food is handled (sometimes by many different people) you will understand why I (and everyone else) generally declines eating the subject matter.


Where is your first name from?

The origin of my name, is from -a tv show- called "The Six Million Dollar Man"…there was a character briefly on that show who was an alien, and her name was Shallon.  No, I’m not kidding, that I was named after an alien. Apparently the name options were Shallon or Heidi?

Have you ever met another Shallon?

Yes.  Once, it was weird. 


Do you use fake food during photo shoots?


I like ice cream that melts and gets all the drips, and I have never put motor oil on pancakes, or used white glue as a milk alternative.

Salt, food photography, different kinds of salt, texture

Why the company name Salt?

I love salt (especially flaked maldon salt on fresh popped popcorn with olive oil).


Salt, like food, also has a worldwide history. It has been around forever and was once considered a highly valued trade item, and once a currency.  (If you are keen, there is a great book called “Salt: A World History,” by Mark Kurlansky.)  

I also love that salt comes from the ocean, tying back into my BC island girl roots.    

"Where would we be without Salt"

-James Beard

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